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くらもと古本市 Vol.8


クリスマスに贈りたい絵本 5選 – LOFTY

Archipelago Books selected The Best 5 Bedtime Picture Books for Christmas for Lofty, a pillow manufacturer.


We’ve launched an online journal and webstore gathering objects of Japanese sensibility.


We have released the Japanese edition of Joji Koyama’s Plassein published by Toupée.

Time Out Tokyo

As a Tokyoite writer, Jun Harada wrote articles for Time Out Tokyo.

tokyobike × archipelago books

Archipelago Books has opened a small bookstore in Tokyobike Shop Koenji from Apr 2015 to Jan 2017.

ニコラ・ドゥジェンヌ 京都の旅 ──日本の色の魔術師たちを訪ねて

Nicolas Degennes’ Kyoto Trip: In Search of Magicians of Colors